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Turn your Enterprise data into intelligence. Predict outcomes & prevent failures in real-time.


ExpertIT can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals with business intelligence (BI) services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting and much more.

Why Choose ExperIT for Managed Analytics and Reporting Services?

ExpertIT’s Managed Analytics and Reporting Services provides organizations benefits like faster results, lower costs, and a greater return on investment compared to companies who choose to implement and run analytics solutions on their own. With deep knowledge of intelligent routing, omni-channel journeys, and interaction analysis, our data scientists and analysts can help you quickly harness the full power of analytics to uncover business issues and their root causes.

With years of experience working across multiple verticals, we have what it takes to identify common business challenges, quickly determine the value to your company, and implement relevant analytics accordingly. Our talented pool of analytical resources has experience in leading analytical modeling platforms and can apply algorithms to large, varied, and rapidly changing data sets. Leveraging carefully honed best practices and lessons learned on how to solve common analytics challenges, our Managed Analytics and Reporting Services team delivers a systematic method for implementing an analytics program and applying its findings to your business.

Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence software is a type of application software that is used to gather, store, analyze data, and present that data in a simple, useful manner. The software aids in business performance management, and aims to help people make better business decisions by making accurate, current, and relevant information available to them when they need it. We use a range of BI tools to achieve your business requirements, including ProClarity, Performance Point Server, SQL Reporting Services and Sharepoint. We also use SQL Reporting Services extensively, which includes Report Designer capabilities.

Business Intelligence

The world is increasingly data rich and the real challenge faced by business leaders now is how to make use of it to provide actionable insight and a competitive advantage. ExpertIT’s Business Intelligence custom solutions can help hour decision makers drill into – ‘slice and dice’ – rather than wade through, the sea of information at their fingertips and draw out the value from both external and internal structured data. Our approach to Business Intelligence focuses on making BI a strategic and integral part of any organization, helping our customers identify the trends and opportunities that have real impact on achieving business goals – and this is proving invaluable in the current climate. Key Areas of focus are:

  • Data management
  • Accessing and mining data held in one or more third party systems
  • Dynamic, focused reporting & dashboards
  • Key performance indicators – KPIs
  • Advanced analytics and data mining – analysis services

Technology Stack

Business intelligence solutions development by ExpertIT is backed up by the tried and tested tech practices and tools. This way, our clients can be sure that their ready-to-use business intelligence solutions will be worth all the effort, as well as the investment they have made.

Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft SQL Reporting Service

OLAP Cubes

Microsoft SQL Analysis Services
Oracle BI

Data Warehouse

Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Redshift
Oracle Business Intelligence
Apache Cassandra
Azure Synapse