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Website Development

When you think of building a website, your thoughts rotate around two main issues – price and time. These two values depend largely on the size and scope of the project. To outline the whole development process, you can create a website development timeline, adding tasks, and establishing milestones for your project. It is the best way to track your project implementation to make sure you keep up with the deadline.

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Mobile App Development

It’s really high time for your business to adopt the latest and most modern technologies, like mobile applications etc. And if you are really passionate about the growth of your business and keep in pace with the latest technological advancements, it demands a perfectly crafted mobile application. Infinite Open Source Solutions (iOSS) will be your perfect companion in developing that efficient and user friendly mobile applications for your business.

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As either websites, desktop applications and mobile websites now offering more functionality to end users, that they can either need or apprehend, the UI/UX became front and center. Believe us, after we’ve worked on hundreds of user interface & user experience prototypes over our long run as a pro dev studio, we know how it should be done.

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Bespoke Development

With a web application built by ExpertIT, you can run your business from any internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone. Our custom business software helps you improve responsiveness, manage systems, and handle customer data more effectively without specialized applications. Whatever your database needs, whatever your business, we can help you gain a competitive edge.

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Maintenance & Support

Application support and maintenance can be challenging even in the best of organizations. As businesses grow, applications and products require professional support and maintenance that keeps pace with growing demands. Outsourcing the managed services for application support and maintenance allows organizations to allocate resources where they are needed most, the core business functions.

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Quality Assurance

With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of codes and involving hundreds of algorithms in order to work, the departments of Quality Assurance and Automated Testing are vital to the industry. QA isn’t just about finding what doesn’t work (the negative test).It also has to make sure that a feature/product does what it should do (the positive test). This is as important as bug finding, and involves looking at the product through the customers eyes.

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System Integration

There are scattered pieces of an organization’s information subsystems that need to fit together into one well-coordinated, cohesive architecture or integrated application mesh. It’s a complex building process that connects an organization’s functions from varying systems, streamlining disparate systems, including existing hardware, software (customized or out-of-box), and communications.

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Analytics & Reporting

ExpertIT can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals with business intelligence (BI) services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting and much more.

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DevOps automates and standardizes the processes for infrastructure deployment. With the help of DevOps, enterprises get faster innovation, better operational efficiency, and improved deployment quality that enables them to focus on their business goals better.

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